BREMBO RCS Radial Hydraulic Clutch & Brake Lever Set (Double)


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Brembo offers a wide range of radial master cylinders and adjustable levers to replace and enhance the original system. Brembo High Performance master cylinders are manufactured with state of the art processes to ensure outstanding function and performance. Derived directly from motorsports, Brembo master cylinders are available as “Radial” and “Radial RCS” variants, which are easily installed on the most popular Japanese and European hypersports models.

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Product description

A 19×18 and 19×20 master cylinder in one, Incorporates microswitch brake technology for instant street use (does not require banjo with pressure switch), Relocated knob adjuster like the Brembo 19×20 Billet Folding Brake Master Cylinder used in MotoGP, Folding lever for mitigating crash damage, Recommended with a LighTech Remote brake adjuster cable & perch or Brembo Remote Adjuster for left-handed brake fade adjustment, Recommended with a Brembo 16RCS Clutch Master Cylinder for bikes with a Hydraulic clutch, For standard sportbike 7/8″ or 22mm diameter clip-ons, For more information, refer to the schematic


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